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Europan celebrates its 30th birthday, which gives us the opportunity to publish both a retrospective and prospective overview of this unique competition. The 14 sessions presented in this book illustrate the significant transformations within the architectural field, encompassing urban, territorial, landscape and environmental dimensions. Problematics, methods and projects from scales to lifestyle constitute the three pillars of an open approach to reach innovative natural-cultural synergies of sustainable ecosystems. This book aims at showing the ways and methods to grasp the fundamental trends across societies, thus making Europan a laboratory of shared experiments. lt traces and anticipates the metamorphosis of European cities, like a European "Fab Lab" for the countries involved. Public spaces, urban and natural diversity, energy resources, the ecological transition and the digital world are currently challenging us. Young international designers, architects, urban planners and landscape architects under 40 years of age, backed by an innovative and collaborative structure, are given the opportunity to open up new perspectives for territories, inhabitants, architectural recherche and local politicians. Europan offers valuable ressources for the future of lived-in areas. This book aspires to delineate and to imagine the future of the urban condition, projects and trades.

AUTEUR Chris Younès

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