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This book presents a case for our future coexistence with beavers by providing factual information on this species that has now passed from national memory, covering the biology, behaviour and ecology of the Eurasian beaver in a British context, from their early history in archaeology and folklore to their contemporary field signs in the wild. The Mammal Society is the only organisation solely dedicated to the study and conservation of all British mammals. We work to protect British mammals, halt the decline of threatened species, and advise on all issues affecting British mammals. We study mammals, identify the problems they face and promote conservation and other policies based on sound science.

AUTEUR Roisin Campbell-Palmer

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The Eurasian or European beaver (Castor fiber) occurs from Western Europe eastwards to the Chinese-Mongolian border region. The world population of beavers is thought to be around 1 million individuals, most of which occur towards Eastern Europe. Beavers inhabit riparian broadleaved woodland next to standing freshwaters or slow moving streams. Totally herbivorous, beavers will feed on ...

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The Eurasian beaver lives across portions of Europe, and a strip of habitat into western Asia. Diet of the Beaver. Beavers feed on the inner bark of trees, and are particularly fond of poplar and aspen trees. They will also eat birch, maple, beech, willow, black cherry, pine, red oak, and more. In addition to trees, beavers also feed on aquatic vegetation, particularly cattails and water ...

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