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Fashion History : A Global View proposes a new perspective on fashion history. Arguing that fashion has occurred in cultures beyond the West throughout history, this ground-breaking book explores the geographic places and historical spaces that have been largely neglected by contemporary fashion studies, bringing them together for the first time. Reversing the dominant narrative that privileges Western Europe in the history of dress, Welters and Lillethun explore key issues affecting fashion systems, ranging from innovation, production, and consumption to identity formation and the effects of colonization. Examining new lessons that can be deciphered from archaeological findings and theoretical advancements, the book shows that fashion history should be understood as a global phenomenon, originating well before and beyond the 14th-century European court which is continually, and erroneously, cited as fashion's birthplace.

AUTEUR Linda Welters

Fashion history : a global view (Book, 2018) []

"A short book, and an easy read that adds a fresh perspective to studies of global history, colonialism, economic development, military history, and the history of costume." Journal of Interdisciplinary History "No longer viewed as inconsequential, clothing has much to tell historians. Clothing fits very neatly within this new historiography."

Fashion History: A Global View (Dress, Body, Culture ...

Fashion History: A Global View. In a collaborative effort, Professor Abby Lillethun from Montclair State University and Professor Linda Welters from the University of Rhode Island presented a lecture on a project that they have been working on together. Teaching in similar fields, the two historians have joined together to explore fashion ...

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