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Every cat thinks it is the master of the universe, and that is precisely what makes them so endearing to many people. They skillfully wrap us around their little paws as they brush up against our legs, telling us to please hurry up and fill up their food bowls. They sprawl across our computer keyboards, purring loudly while we try to finish that important letter to the IRS. Whom else would we forgive for artfully shredding our expensive designer sofa, refusing to sleep anywhere but the head of the bed, and decimating the backyard bird population? A proper cat has its (human) can opener firmly under control, generally ignoring that human's wants and needs, but suddenly shows how cuddly and loving it can be when Mom or Dad is home sick or needs some comfort after a bad day. The bond between a cat lover and his or her four-legged individualist is special and unbreakable, lasting a lifetime. This beautifully-illustrated volume is a love letter to the house cat who so enriches our lives. Take a look at the complex soul of a cat, with so many human qualities, and get ready to learn, laugh, love and cry, because cats are so much more than just pets–they are family members and lifelong companions.

AUTEUR Anna Cavelius

For the Love of Cats & Dogs, Leeds | Dog Walking - Yell

For The Love Of Cats is a Hamilton, Canada, based business providing Cat-Sitting services in your home. Insured and bonded and more than 20 years in the same location, you can rely on ultimate kittycare! References available.

For the Love of Cats & Dogs, Leeds | Dog Walking - Yell

For the Love of Cats Rescue and Adoption is a non-profit, all volunteer organization dedicated to securing permanent loving homes for stray, abandoned, surrendered and otherwise homeless cats and kittens. To this end we provide needed medical care, nourishment and temporary shelter through our network of foster homes, and we educate our adopters and the general public on issues that impact the ...

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