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Although handwriting is one of mankind's greatest cultural achievements, written communication today consists mostly of typing into computers and mobile devices. Monica Dengo addresses herself to all those who don't even use pen and paper for their shopping list, but would like to try using them (again). This book discovers and promotes the creative potential of handwriting - and allows to put it into practice right away on the pages of the book. Well-founded and very colorful, inspiring and yet structured : in the end, there is the joy of expressing oneself with a personal touch and the understanding that writing is much more than just the graphic transcription of language extending all the way to the origin of the need for expression. Method by specialist in the field Development of new idea of handwriting To find own way and own set of rules after understanding how it works Eight chapters with practical exercises to be done in the book

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I've been thinking about writing this post for a while. Like many teachers, I've used the phrase 'Reading for Pleasure' an awful lot in recent years, it's often mentioned in staff meetings and we're always encouraging children to pick up a book in the hope that they will do it automatically without being prompted by an adult.

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